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Simple Long Copy Advice

The other day I was speaking with my friend Ray Justice regarding long copy. For those that don’t know, copy is any words and text used in written material. When it comes to copy there always seems to be a raging debate about the length of copy. In my conversation with Ray we debated the pluses and minuses of long copy.

As with most things in marketing and advertising, some people swear by the benefits of long copy and others cast it off as a “waste of space.” Personally, I’m a fan of long copy. Recently I’ve been digging into a lot of Drayton Bird’s material. Drayton is a long time proponent of direct response marketing. You can find a few videos of him speaking with a simple YouTube search.

There was some pretty simple advice I picked up from Drayton Bird regarding copy length. Your copy can be as long as you want, provided that your reader finds it interesting enough to read. If they get bored, then your copy is too long or what you have written isn’t interesting enough. It’s important to be objective on the issue. There are many times when we make the mistake of judging the readers reaction on our own personal beliefs. Be objective and let the reader decide. The best way to be objective about your copy is by testing it with your target market. Whatever copy you write, make sure it's interesting and keeps your reader's attention from start to finish.

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