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Today I’d like to share with you one of the greatest marketing resources on the Internet.  It’s a cornucopia of knowledge that can make you a very good copywriter or marketer. Why strive to become a great copywriter? Because great copywriting is a huge trump card in your event marketing and promotion. When you focus on creating compelling copy you can persuade people to take action. (Get people to your event, buy tickets, etc.) Compelling copy isn’t bound by any medium.  It works in both traditional advertising and new media. People that get good at copywriting have a massive advantage in the world of event marketing and promotion. You can write you ticket to success by being a decent copywriter. Would you like a great resource for making you into a good copywriter?

The Man the Myth the Legend . . .
GaryHalbertToday’s Kings and Queens of copywriting constantly reference the infamous Gary Halbert.  Gary knew how to tap into people’s inner most needs and desires. When you tap into people's inner emotional core, you can get them to take action. If you want to create killer marketing ideas for your event I urge you to look into Gary Halbert.  Unfortunately Gary is no longer with us. He passed away in 2007. In spite of his absence, he did leave an amazing marketing resource. His website,, is still being updated and maintained by Gary's sons. When you visit Gary's web site you will find hundreds of his achieved newsletters. It's a copywriting goldmine of marketing information.

Be sure you take the time to peruse a few of Gary's newsletters. FAIR WARNING: Gary had a propensity to get a little edgy in his writing. If you’re easily offended, I’d recommend staying away from Gary's stuff. Those with a good sense of humor and a strong desire to become great event marketers should visit his web site immediately. Gary makes reading his material fun and engaging. P.T. Barnum would be proud!

Injecting Personality
One area where Gary excelled was is injecting personality in his copy and marketing. A few clicks on the Internet will quickly introduce you to the doldrums of boring copy. I'm not a big fan of pompous corporate writing in any form of marketing. People don't want to read about how "We're great ... Our Widget is the Best Because, etc.) Write to your audience and what interests them. If you’re doing any marketing, I highly recommend injecting a little personality into your copy. I'll be the first to admit that getting personality in copy isn't easy. I struggled with it for years. Your objective should be making your marketing and event information fun to read. It doesn't matter if it's a quarter page ad or 20 pages of copy, you must keep your reader engaged. Gary's newsletters are an excellent place to learn how to inject personality into your copy.

If you don't want to read through Gary's newsletter achieve, feel free to click on the audio link below.

2 Hour Audio Interview with Gary Halbert on Boosting Response:
Gary Halbert & Michael Fortin Interview

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Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon

Love Gary Halbert's stuff - thanks for the reminder. I see that your link to the 2-hour Halbert/Fortin interview is incomplete. Perhaps you could update that? Thanks!

ZK@Web Marketing Blog

Great article for someone that is just making a site and doesn’t know much about promoting it.

David Price

Thanks for the resource, Eugene. Read over a few in the archived section. In a few instances (e.g. Scott's tips for improving your copy writing abilities) I was somewhat disappointed with the generality of the advice. I suppose I wasn't looking to be reminded that I ought to have a designated writing space or that if I want to improve writing, I need to write a lot. I don't consider those suggestions insights, but rather practical advice bordering on common sense.

However, in the earlier archived sections - here I'm thinking of Anatomy of an Ad - there were particularly useful prescriptions. I had never thought of a lead generation ad as something akin to a short news paper article.

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