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Reason_why You need to build perceived value for your event before it happens. I cannot emphasize this point enough.  A crucial component that most event promotion and marketing lacks is a good reason why.  Telling someone to do something versus giving them a good reason to do something (“Reason Why”) are two very different things. We love to tell people that we’re having an event, “Hey, you! Come and do this!” Promoters and Marketers give details that include dates, times, performers, ticket prices, etc. At the same time, promoters completely miss giving their target audience a truly good reason why to attend their event. I’d argue that you want to focus on the “reason why” more than anything else.  Event dates, times, and ticket prices become irrelevant if people aren’t interested in what you have to offer them.

Below are a series of article links for building a compelling “reason why” people should attend your event. Browse a few of the articles below and see if there is something you can integrate into your event promotion.

When creating any type of promotional material for your event focus on the “reason why” before getting into the details of your event.  If people aren't interested in what you have to offer, they surely won't be interested in dates and times. In the next post we'll look at how you can take the above process and automate your event promotion for your target market.

Want to get more great info? Check out the articles below:


Eugene Loj


Thanks for the question.

I can't recommend one service over another. The reason being is that I haven't used any of the services you listed.

The best service is the one that sends the highest quality traffic to your web site at the lowest price. This is assuming that you have your own event web site and some sort of web stats installed. I believe Zvents allows you to list your event web site. Not sure about the other two.

Let me know if this helps.


- Eugene


Eugene, which online tools seem like the best ally for promoting your events amongst eventful, zvents and eventorb? The first two have high traffic but do not offer the video, themes etc. of the latter which seems to have low traffic.

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