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Using Video to Promote Your Event

There is the populist view when it comes to utilizing technology online. It can be summed up with the words, “that’s cool, we need that!”  Ask most businesses why they have a web site and you’ll probably get one of two answers.  First, they have a web site because everyone else has one. Or, they have a web site because their competition has a site.  The same analogy applies to using video to support or promote your event. People have to have video on their site, because everyone else has video. It can be very expensive to follow other people online.

Content is Still King - Even in Video
If you’re going to put video online make sure it makes a connection with your prospect.   Put the emphasis on what the information can do for your prospect versus how good it makes you or your event look.  If you think about it, it’s not any different then content in other formats. Great videos are great content, they’re relevant to the viewer and they deliver something of value.

Give the Prospect What They Want
Regardless of how you’re going to deliver content, mine your information resources to see what your prospect really wants. You can conduct surveys or look at emails to find out what interests your event patron.  Create simple short videos around your prospect’s specific interests. You can leverage video to increase the number of people opt-ing in to your event’s promotion list. Video can be used to tease the viewer on certain highlights from your event. Make sure the people in your videos are authentic. Authenticity is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your prospect.

Where to Start
If you’re going to utilize video to promote your event, start by producing it in house.  I’ve seen people do more with a $150 video camera and great customer focused content than companies that spend thousands of dollars on high end video production. Keep it simple and focused on what it can do for your prospect.

Let Them Sell it For You
Do you want to know the best way to promote your event using video? Use video testimonials. One of my clients did a very smart thing at their event this past year.  They hired a video production crew to record customer testimonials during their event.  People would talk into the camera with the backdrop of other people having a great time. If you watch the video it’s difficult not to say to yourself, “Holy smokes, that looks awesome, I have to check that event out.”  Other people selling your event in their own words is very compelling!

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