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Using Video to Connect with Your Target Market

“Trick or Treat” to all of you who celebrate Halloween.  In celebration of today’s festivities, I’d like to share with you a great marketing example of a friend and his video.  The video allowed my friend to really connect with his target market.  Here is some quick background info: My friend Ben runs a horror shirt business, He sells scary movie shirts to rabid horror film fans.  Recently Ben has been experimenting with using video and story to better connect with his audience.  Ben’s videos made him really push his comfort-zone. Like many of us, he’s a private person.  It is a bit daunting to shoot personal videos, post the video publicly and then send a website link to thousands of people. 

In the video, Ben talks about his first experience watching a horror movie.  Psychologically, he’s crafted a story that directly connects with his prospects on an emotional level.  His results were extraordinary. Ben has received almost 50 blog comments specifically related to his video. And the comments aren’t just, “Hey! That was a cool video!" His audience loved the concept.

You can use the same idea for your business or event.

Ben's 'Halloween' Video

Read the Great Comments to this video. ( YouTube Channel)

It’s a Home Production

There is one really important note I want to pass along to you. You don’t need to hire a videographer or get fancy post-production to do your own video.  Before you talk yourself out of shooting a video, consider this: Ben shot his video with an older home movie camera hooked up to his computer. He’s not a professional videographer or editor.  Everything you see was done in about an hour with free software.  The video was posted on YouTube for free and embedded into his website. Ben would gladly admit his video is far from perfect. Almost anyone can do this stuff. Don't let the technical aspects scare you away.

Do It Yourself
Take a look at all the comments people left. Can you reverse engineer his process and apply it to your business or event?  Start by identifying what your target market is really passionate about. Next, create a story and find a way to involve your audience. Finally, ask the audience to take some action.  It can be as simple as leaving a comment or signing up for additional information about your event or business.  Go out and give it a whirl . . . I guarantee that you will see some amazing results!

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