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Modeling Other Event Marketing and Promotions

One of the best things you can do for your event is model your event marketing and promotions on other successful events. You’d be surprised how willing other event organizers are in sharing some of their proven secrets.

Just yesterday, I called up an event organizer in Buffalo, New York.  I heard a rumor that he sold out 7000 tickets to his fundraising event in less than 20 minutes.  He was gracious enough to give me 30 minutes of his time over the telephone and share details. The information he shared with me was an information gold mine. When I asked if he consulted for a fee to other events organizers, he said that he was happy to share the information with anyone interested at no charge.  You would be surprised how many good people there are willing to share their event success secrets. But it is up to you to be proactive and ask.

Just Listen
If you’re going to get in contact with another event organizer, be prepared to listen carefully and not over judge their ideas.  Way too many event organizers will convince themselves with logic why they can’t do something potentially beneficial for their event. I hear it all the time, “We can’t do that, because . . . (insert excuse here).”

You’re Might Not Hear What You Want
Be prepared to ask your questions and NOT get the answers that you’d expect.  Some of the best event organizers I’ve studied do things that others would consider highly counterintuitive.  If you want a really successful event, you’re going to need to lay down some of your ideologies of event marketing and promoting. What you hear might not make immediate sense.  You have to ultimately decide what works best for your event. Do yourself a favor and at least consider trying something different.

There are really successful event organizers out there willing to help you.  Make it a point try to speak to at least one a week.  Taking 15 or 30 minutes a week could revolutionize your event.

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