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Your Web Site as a Traffic Filter

If someone were to tell you to limit the amount of traffic coming to your web site, how would you react? A typical first reaction might be, “the more traffic to my web site the better, right?” Ironically that is rarely the case. The topic of “the right traffic” is one of those counter intuitive strategies for web sites.

Here is an example. One of the most popular articles on this site, “Beach Running Tips,” doesn’t have anything to do with internet or event marketing. I get a decent amount of daily traffic because of the article. Yet over 99% of the users just read the article and leave. The traffic is of little or no use to my business.

The Right Traffic
It isn’t about how much traffic you get to your web site, it’s about how much of the right traffic you get to your web site. Traffic to your web site is analogous with foot traffic into a retail store.  If you get enough people through the doors, some people will eventually buy something. Yet, if you get the right people through the door of your store, you’ll sell significantly more.

Refocusing Your Content
Recently I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on creating content for this site on a very specific target market. The transition wasn’t something that happened overnight. But the time was well worth the investment. As a result of making changes, the number and quality of my leads has gone up significantly. The best part is that these new leads are contacting me not having to contact other people.

You can approach traffic in the same manner. Think of ways to filter irrelevant traffic from your web site. Is there something you can easily implement to prevent unrelated traffic from visiting your web site?  Yes, you do need traffic to your web site. But much more importantly you need relevant traffic to your web site. One of the best ways to get the right traffic to your web site is by creating relevant content on your web site. Ask yourself, is this going to be useful to the person reading the information?  More importantly, is the information helpful to the person and relevant to your business, product, or service?

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