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Promotional Headlines for Your Event Marketing

Over the years I’ve seen numerous advertisements, posters, and billboards promoting various events.  They've run the gamut from very simple, just a headline and a call to action, to overly detail oriented, trying to fit in every possible piece of information into a small space.

The first place people usually start reading advertisements is from the top down.  A strong relevant headline is one of the oldest advertising techniques to capture a reader’s attention. If you do manage to come up with a really great headline, you can use it across multiple forms of advertising.

What Your Headline Needs to Do
Knowing your target market will greatly assist you in writing powerful headlines. If you’re going to write a headline to promote your event, make sure it really resonates with your target market. It needs to be in a language that your target market understands and in a way that evokes an emotional response.

Recently, I found some information that can assist you in writing better headlines for your event.  In a copywriting course presented by Bob Bly, he outlines what he calls the 4 “U’s.” You ask yourself a series of four simple questions that pertain to your headline. Then rate each question on a 1 – 4 scale.  One being the worst, Four being the best. You want to strive to get 4s across the board. 

The 4 "U" Questions:

Is it Urgent?
Establish a sense of urgency in your headline.  Let the reader know they have to take some sort of action rather quickly.

Is it Unique?
You offer something that people can’t find elsewhere. Or it is so different than what the competition is currently offering.

Is it Ultra Specific?
Tell the people what they’re going to get if they show up to your event.

Is it Useful?
If you’re promoting an event, will the reader think “this is something that would be enjoyable or useful to me.”

A strong headline is the first place most people look to determine if they’re going take more time to consider your offer. A great headline is a great way to capture the public's attention for your event.

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I really liked this article, but I'm sad to see that there are no EXAMPLES /SAMPLES provided. Lots of people, like me, learn best and understand best when we see a few samples of the theory in application. Too many articles are theory, theory, theory, and don't reveal any "case studies" or examples of the theory in application. Let's SEE some of those good headlines! That kicks our motors in and gets us thinking practically. You have **awesome, great stuff**, just give an example here and there. THANKS!

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