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Max Out Your Event Promotion Budget

Have you ever asked yourself, “How much should I spent on advertising my event?” It’s a question that plagues almost every event organizer.  Ironically the question of how much to spend on advertising might be the most important question of all in determining the success of your event.

“This is the most we’ve ever spent on advertising”

Recently one of my clients spent the most they’ve ever spent on advertising their event.  Their advertising budget was almost double what they spent the previous year their event was held.  The event was outdoors and weather is a huge factor in a patron’s decision to attend. The weather forecast didn’t look promising for at least one day of the two day event. To further complicate matters the client didn’t have their “ace in the hole” performer. It was a very stressful situation for my client. Yet, in spite of all the potential downsides, the client had the largest attendance in the history of their event.  I firmly believe that their decision to spend (responsibly) as much as they did on advertising was the biggest factor in the event’s success.

Looking Back
I can’t think of one single example, over the last ten years, where someone has spent “too much” to market or promote their event.  Yes, there have been people who irresponsibly spent too much money advertising their event, but that’s another story. There are too many examples where people didn’t spend enough money on advertising great events.

If someone asks me “How much should I spent on advertising my event?” My reply is “the most money you can afford to spend.”  I understand that many events have humble marketing budgets.  In that case you need to ensure that you’re getting the maximum effectiveness from your marketing. I honestly don’t think you can spend enough money advertising a great event.  If you can deliver value, you owe it to yourself and to your patron to hype up your event as much as possible.

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