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Knowing Your Event Patron

Over the last three years I’ve spent an enormous amount of time researching marketing techniques for businesses and events.  Throughout all the books, courses, and seminars there is one dominate ideology for marketing success. That marketing technique can be broken down as follows:

  • Find a good niche market
  • Get to really know the customer in that niche market
  • Give them what they want (not what you think they want or need)

Knowing Your Event Patron
The idea of knowing your market and giving them what they want directly applies to event organization and promotion. If you can find out what your patrons want and deliver it to them, it’s hard not to have a successful event. In many cases the organizer’s mindset and that of their patron are very far apart.  Most event organizers put an event together, do some promotion, and then hope a lot of people show up.

Here is the irony, very few businesses engage in any market research. If you don’t know your market it’s going to be near impossible to provide for them. Knowing your market is also a constantly evolving process. You can’t just fire and forget.

The Market and Your Event Promotion
Intimately knowing your event patrons plays a huge role in your event advertising and promotion.  If you know what your patrons want, you can plug those wants directly into your event promotions.  Your target audience is much more likely to take action when you hit their emotional hot buttons.

What You Can Do
Before thinking of event planning or promoting your event, take the time to make sure you have an event that people want to attend. By doing a little market research you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and grief. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to do market research. Something like an online survey of your target marketing can have a huge impact on your event. But you have to listen to what your target market is telling you. I can’t think of a better marketing technique for event organizers and promoters.

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