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Buried Treasure and Event Promotion

Buried_treasure_event_promotion My latest adventure has landed me next to one of the greatest supposed buried treasure locations in the world. It’s Oak Island, Nova Scotia. People say that there could be any number of things hidden within the island’s flooded underground caverns. Treasure hunters have been digging since 1795 for the mythical treasure. Some have speculated that the possibilities include Marie Antoinette's jewels, Blackbeard or Captain Kidd's plunder, and possibly the Holy Grail itself. A number of people have died in the search for Oak Island's buried treasure.

The cruel and somewhat ironic part is that there might not be anything at all to be found. The Oak Island Treasure has been dubbed “The World’s Costliest Treasure Hunt.” There has never been any concrete evidence found of treasure, just speculation and myth. It’s all a story, but a story that has become a legend. What does buried treasure and promoting an event have to do with one another? It’s all about a great story. And a great story is an extremely powerful way to promote your event.

A Great Story
One of the world’s greatest marketers, Seth Godin, is a trumpeter of great stories. In his book, All Marketers are Liars, he writes about how people love to tell themselves stories. Stories are an extremely powerful marketing and promotion tool. Story telling is also a form of word of mouth advertising. If a person is telling other people great stories about your event, it’s the best free advertising in the world. 

Creating an Experience
You can use the concept of a great story to promote your event. Great stories come from great experiences. Like the famous P.T. Barnum, I don’t think you should hype up something you can’t deliver value on. But, if you can deliver value and exceed the patron’s expectations with your event, you owe it to yourself and your patron’s to hype things up. Check out the “Turn Your Event into an Experience” article for some ideas on turning your event into an experience.

A great story or experience can be summed up in several ways.  With the internet, it’s never been easier to tell those stories. You can use text, audio, and video. The cost for content delivery has never been so low.  If you can tell a great story to enough people in your target market, you shouldn’t have any problem packing your event.

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Ian Adams

Story and experience are top priorities for events! Just came across this article, thanks for sharing.

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