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Event Marketing: Updating Your Event Web Site

As an event approaches so do the number of updates typically made on your event web site.  There is something important to keep in mind when you make content updates on your event web site. Just because you’re making updates to your web site doesn’t mean that your users are cognizant of those updates. I’ve seen event organizers work diligently to keep their event web sites as up to date as possible. Many times those updates go completely unnoticed by their users.  You don’t want that happening if you have some really important information to get out to your prospective event patrons regarding your event.

Remember Your Return Visitors
It’s important to keep in mind that a portion of your web site visitors come in the form of return visitors. My event marketing clients noticed a consistent return visitor rate of about 30% regardless of their specific event niches.

A Simple Solution
A quick and easy way to orient users with any updates you’ve made on your event web site is with an extremely simple news update section. If you have a moment, visit Not much has changed in how Yahoo displays news stories over the years. I’ve used the Yahoo news section as a model for displaying news stories on event web sites. You can dedicate a small section, above the fold, on your homepage for an updated news section.  Try to keep your news section as simple as possible.  I’ve included an example below that I’ve implemented on client web sites.

News Updated14:23 EDT on 08/31/2008

  • Short Headline #1 (Hyperlink)
  • Short Headline #2 (Hyperlink)
  • Short Headline #3 (Hyperlink)

There is nothing fancy about the example above. Try to keep things as simple as possible. A few simple lines of compelling text with links to additional information are all you really need.

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I agree with you on keeping return visitors in sync - however, we have to remember how the social landscape has changed the concept of event websites completely.

People don't necessarily need their own websites in the web2.0 world. Whats the point in trying to compete with other platforms when you can have a presence that leverages those platforms with all their user-generated content and SEO expertise & resources.

The update example that you gave is a classic case in point on why things shouldn't be made so difficult for people who just want to market their events online. Certain event specific social network publishing sites (like are built in a way that integrates with other social platforms for content syndication. This way visitors and customers can always be up to date with whats going on.

Its the day of dynamic content, my friend. And its many times more productive than paying a webmaster to build and maintain a site for you on a daily basis.

Just my two cents.


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