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Event Promotion: Information versus Graphics

In all my years of producing numerous promotional web sites for events I have never received a single email commenting on the visual appearance of a web site, either good or bad.  Yet, I have been inundated with emails regarding the information on various event web sites. The emails stated that a user didn’t understand something or there wasn’t enough information on a certain subject area.

The Preoccupation
I honestly believe too many businesses are overly preoccupied with the aesthetics of a web site.  My previous statement isn’t to suggest that you shouldn’t have an aesthetically pleasing web site. If you look at most company web sites, more time and money is spent on “How can we make this look better to the consumer?” versus “How can we make sure this makes sense to the consumer?” One of the most important lessons I've learned about the web over the last 15 years is that information trumps graphics 9 times out of 10. The most successful web sites put more emphasis on the information than the graphics.

The Online Content King
Online information takes one predominate form and that form is text. The written word drives almost everything we do on the web. Someone once said “There is very little you can do online without words like click here, buy now, go, or search.” Consider Google for a moment.  They make the biggest proportion of their advertising revenue on text, not video or graphics. Their multimedia services like YouTube and Google Video are supplements to their search engine technology.

Next time you sit down to rethink your web site ask yourself the following questions:

  • “Do the words I have on my web page connect with my target market?”
  • “Do I have enough information on my site to prevent someone from writing
    a customer service email?”
  • “If I take away all the graphics on my site, does it still make sense with just the text?”

Any graphics you have on your web site should be there to enhance the words already on the page. This simple mindset will make a world of difference in your online endeavors.

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