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Promoting Events Inside Your Event

Do you have additional events or special features taking place inside your event? These additional events could include anything from live music performances, guest speakers, workshops, autograph sessions, etc. It’s any smaller event inside your event that further enhances your attendee’s experience.

A recent expedition to Disney’s EPCOT was a catalyst for writing on the topic of providing a schedule of events inside your event. After purchasing tickets at the ticket window you are given your park ticket and additional handouts. One of the handouts is a daily schedule of events and seasonal showcases taking place inside of EPCOT.  The advantage of providing a schedule is that you can allow people to pick and choose what’s most interesting to them.

Leverage Your Web Site
From a timing aspect, the schedule becomes more important the closer you get to your event. If you’re event is coming up shortly you might want to notch out a section of your home page to feature a “Schedule of Events.” Consider having pocket or wallet size PDF document that people can easily print off and take with them.

Get People Excited
Try to build a little excitement for your smaller events.  Include a one or two sentence description of why someone might want to attend an event inside your event. In many cases people might not know what is taking place unless you tell them.

Events inside an event are an excellent way to add additional value to your event. “We have a great event happening, plus all this other great stuff!” It's going to be far easier for you to sell a ticket for your event if you can provide tremendous value. Something as simple as a schedule is a simple yet effective way to add value to your event.

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