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Event Promotion Idea: Text Messaging

Have you ever notice how many people text message these days?  It seems like a number of people are more likely to text message than actually pickup the telephone. An increasing number of retailers are using mobile phone text messaging to drive their retail sales with impressive results. In a recent post, “Promoting Events Inside Your Event,” I wrote about the importance of leveraging your web site and internal event schedule to add value to your event.  You can use simple mobile phone text messages to build excitement for your event.

Remember Trust and Credibility

It is difficult enough for marketers to collect a legitimate first name and email address. Trying to collect a real cell phone number is even more difficult. If you’re going to attempt to get cell numbers for your event marketing, I recommend starting with your existing permission based marketing list. If you’ve provided your existing list enough valuable information your list subscribers are probably more likely to willfully provide you their cell number.

A Texting Idea
In its’ simplest form you can send a text message or two a few days before your event to build excitement.  I would stress the importance of not trying to sales pitch people to death. What can you text someone that would be considered valuable information?

If you have a segmented list, consider sending text messages to people who purchased tickets about the event itself. You might text all the people who purchased a ticket a few minutes before your event headliner takes the stages. You can also text interesting tidbits of information about the event itself.

Ultimately when and what to text are going to be at your discretion. Think about the information you’re sending from a receiver’s prospective. Is the information you're sending timely and useful?

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