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What is Event Marketing? (Definition)

Event_marketing_definitionA quick look up on your favorite search engine will show that various companies have very different perspectives on the definition of event marketing.

Depending where you look, you might find two completely different definitions for the phrase "Event Marketing."

What is the Definition of Event Marketing?
After some research, both online and offline, I’ve been able to boil down event marketing into the two definitions below . . .

Event Marketing - Definition #1:
The use of traditional or new media to promote, market, or advertise an event. Various forms of marketing and advertising are used to entice people to attend an event. Event types could include anything from not for profit fundraisers to sporting events, conventions, fundraisers, seminars, festivals, workshops, air shows, and many more.

Event Marketing - Definition #2:

Using an event, such as tradeshows, to engage prospective consumers, build awareness, or market a company’s products and services. One of the simplest examples is trade show marketing.  Your business purchases booth space and presents your company’s products or services to trade show attendees. Some companies rephrase this definition of event marketing as event-based marketing.

The second definition of event marketing is best embodied in Ruth Stevens' book “Trade Show & Event Marketing: Plan, Promote & Profit.”

Two Definitions - One Universal
Even though there are two different definitions of event marketing, this is one universal concept ... the fundamentals of sales and marketing NEVER change. You are far better off focusing on the psychology of marketing, as opposed to trying to adopt and integrate the latest whiz-bang technology. Ultimately, your sales and marketing success comes down to generating measurable results that improve your business.

Here's a great video to get you started on the fundamentals with supporting articles specifically for events:

For the purpose of this web page I present ideas and strategies for the kind of event marketing found above in Definition #1. Hopefully the information above helps clear up some of the apparent confusion.

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Mark holtom

Dear Eugene, I am afraid I disagree with your commment "Some companies rephrase this definition of event marketing as event-based marketing."

I don't know anyone who does this. They are completely and utterly different.

Event marketing (called Event marketing) is the marketing of products/services through trade Events and shows.

Event Based Marketing is a technical process where leads are generated and customers are contacted based on an analysis of significant changes in a customer's activity.

EBM is also called Event Driven Marketing or Trigger based marketing (both of which are well defined in Wikipedia).


Eugene, thank you, very much!!! The information is really essential, it helps to eliminate confusion in terms explanation.

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