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Event Promotion: Using Video to Front Load Event Value

Have you ever considered using video to add value upfront for your next event?

One web service I’ve been leveraging for event marketing over the last few months has been YouTube. YouTube gives you a great way of integrating video to front load the value of your event and with no associated cost. With YouTube's embed function you had seamlessly integrate video into your web site. There are a number of videos in almost any category imaginable.

Current Application
The integration of YouTube videos is being used with one of my clients the Rochester International Air Show.  Air Shows are all about the sights and sounds. Thus video is a great way to get people excited about the upcoming air show.  As part of my attempt to front load event value, there is a newsletter that goes out on a regular basis announcing new performers and attractions. A few of the newsletters have included a relevant video link featuring a performer or videos related to the show.

A YouTube Search and Tips
You can start the process by going to YouTube and doing a search for relevant content as it applies to your event. Below are some quick suggestions on what to look for in potential videos.

  • Choose clips that are closely related to your event.
  • Always ask yourself the question “What will the target user think of this?” Remember it’s about delivering value to the user. You want them to say, “That’s cool!”
  • Review all clips for content appropriateness.
  • Shorter clips are usually better.
  • Check the comments for every video you want to use and make sure there isn’t anything inappropriate or offensive.

One thing you have to be conscious of is checking to make sure any videos you use are still active on YouTube. One of the videos that we were using as part of an email campaign was removed from YouTube for some unknown reason. Even if you sent an email a few weeks ago, some people might check out the video again or forward it to a friend. 

Always ask yourself what other ways can I leverage free content to increase the value of my event marketing? If you’re going to integrate video, make sure that it is going to add value to your event.

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