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Event Promotion Timing and Your Event

Have you ever wondered “when should I start advertising for my event?” Over the years I’ve seen a number of examples that help formulate a possible answer to previous question. At the same time, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact time frame to start advertising for your event.  The time frame for advertising depends on a number of variables unique to your event. Factors include type of event, weather conditions, competing events, the economy, etc.

The Danger of Starting Too Late
A few years ago there was a summer event that I consulted for that illustrates the danger of waiting too long to promote an event.  The event was well known in the community and took place every few years during the summer. Event organizers didn’t start to promote the event with traditional media until about 10 days prior to the event taking place.  Because of the late start in advertising there were some very noticeable impacts in ticket sales. Online ticket sales decreased by over 60% and regular ticket sales were down significantly from previous years. It’s my firm belief that had the advertising started earlier that the ticket sales would have been much higher.

Consider the Variables
The adverting time frame is going to be determined by a number of unique factors. Consider the following. If you’re in the Northern part of the United States and you have an outdoor event there are only so many nice weather days granted by Mother Nature.  People tend to make long term weekend plans during the summer. If you have a summer event you’re going to want to advertise at least 30 days in advance. You should always be thinking of the variables that impact your advertising schedule.

Always Start Early, as Opposed to Late
There is one fundamental that can be applied to almost every event. You can get to a point then it is too late to advertise your event. Regardless of how big your advertising budget, there comes a time when it isn’t enough to sway a target audience. How many times have you heard the infamous line “I wish I would have known earlier.” If you’re advertising for your next big event start advertising early as opposed to later.

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