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Does Your Headline Grab Their Undivided Attention?

What’s one of the most powerful marketing elements in print?  I humbly present to you the “Headline.” Over the year’s I’ve done a decent amount of research on the importance of headline writing and the impact it can have on your marketing. Headlines might be more powerful than the visual elements for a piece of print or online advertising.

The Power of Headlines

It's been shown that 70-75% of the reason that a person chooses to read a magazine article or newspaper article is based solely on the headline. Many magazines are sold by virtue of headlines on the front cover. Next time you’re in front of a magazine rake pickup your favorite magazine and look at the cover. In almost every case the cover of the magazine is inundated with article headlines from that issue.

How does this apply to your event advertising?

Your Event Marketing
If you’re an event marketer, headlines are a way to quickly hook your prospect’s attention. If you can draw them in with a strong headline, you’ve at least tickled their fancy. I’ve seen a number of ads in newspapers and online for various events. Few of them have headlines that speak in a meaningful way to the event's target marketing.  Use the advertising headline for your event to invoke your prospect’s desire to attend, not tell them why you think your event is going to be great. As one person put it “Get into their ego and out of your ego.” You’d be amazed by the results.

One question to ask yourself is “Does the headline get my prospect to read more?” It needs to speak to the prospects needs. Does it convey a benefit or prospect desire?

Instead of giving you a bunch of headline suggestions, I’d like to direct you to some great resources for creating great headlines.

Great Headline Resources:

Want to get more great info? Check out the articles below:


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