Event Marketing: Multiple Ways to Engage Your List
Event Promotion: Are You Interacting with Your Target Market?

The Second Worst Thing For Your List

A few years ago a clients had an email subscriber list of almost a 1000 people.  Recently, the client’s list was migrated to a new database that featured tracking of email open rates and bounce backs.  The first newsletter I sent out for my client utilizing the new system returned horrifying results.  Over 60% of the emails were returned undeliverable. Of the 40% of emails that were delivered less than half actually opened their email.  The end result, of almost 1000 emails sent only about 200 people opened the email my client sent. Unfortunately the client hadn’t sent an email to their subscriber list in some time. 

The problem was further compounded by the fact that there was no tracking to determine email effectiveness. You can’t improve if you can’t measure and reapply knowledge.  In order for any email list to be effective you must be able to track open rates, click through, and bounce backs.  I recommend a third party application like 1ShoppingCart or Constant Contact.

Beyond Delivering Value
If you’ve read any of my other posts on list building you know the importance I place on delivering a tremendous amount of value to your list subscribers.  If you can’t deliver value to your list, your emails are probably viewed as SPAM.  There is a second caveat to list building that a number of businesses never consider. It isn’t enough just to have a list and grow it. Regardless of the size of your list, you must constantly engage your list subscribers on a regular basis. Each signup you have to your list has a limited amount of time. It is up to you keep your list subscribers engaged. 

How Often to Engage Your List
One of the biggest problems I see businesses make is not engaging their subscriber list enough.  As a result their list suffers atrophy. If you aren’t engaging your list on a regular basis, subscribers quickly lose interest.  As a general rule of thumb, send an email to your subscriber list no less than once a month and no more than once a week.  Keep in mind that there are exceptions to almost every rule. The exact time frame is dependent on your actual target market’s tolerance.  You can either test or conduct a survey with existing list subscribers.

You need to accept that very few prospects are going to become lifetime subscribers to any email list. Focus your efforts on constantly growing you list and delivering maximum value on a regular basis.

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