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Front Loading Value for Your Next Event

Yesterday, I asked someone  the following question, "If I was going to give you 10,000 emails from your target market what would you do?" Their quick reply was "I'd spam the crap out of them!" The previous reply represents why so many consumers are reluctant to give away their email address. How many times have you checked mail program only to find annoying emails. It is also the reason why few companies make money email marketing. Too many companies view an email address as another way to sales pitch people.

The most successful internet marketers deliver so much value up front that they make it difficult for a customer not to buy. The process starts with building trust, credibility, and delivering value up front.  You can use the process to get people to an event or purchase event tickets. The best part is that almost everything can be done with email. It requires you to think of ways to deliver value before ever asking someone to buy something. I like to call the process front loading value.

Using Email
The simplest suggestion for creating value is with a simple email sequence. Figure out what information is important to your event attendee and send it to them. Below is a sample email sequence for air shows. You can use the same concept for almost any event.

Front Loading Value for an Air Show

  • Announce your show to your list before the public finds out (builds credibility and trust)
  • Email a list of performers with their web site links
  • Feature some of the scheduled on site attractions
  • Conduct a short audio interview with a performer and post to your web site
  • Email your list a helpful article on taking pictures at air shows
  • Send pictures or videos of arrival aircraft or practice show

In the case of the air show sequence, you would want to send 10-15 emails before asking for your list to buy something. For some people this might seem extravagant, but building trust and credibility before asking someone to buy something is essential.

Front Loading with Your Sponsors

Here is another idea. Right now, it's January in New York State and that means snow. If one of my event sponsors is a car wash, I'd ask them to create a coupon that I can email to my list. The prospective attendee gets a discounted car wash and the sponsor generates revenue.

The core idea behind front loading value is to get your consumer so excited for your event that it's difficult for them not to purchase tickets.

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