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Do You Test Your Web Site Often Enough?

If you bring up the subject of testing your marketing, most people let out a groan of exasperation.  Most companies don't like to test their marketing or their web site. The process to develop a web side is arduous enough, then to go and test can be even more work.

The honest truth is that testing your marketing message and your web site is one place that will make a world of difference in terms of your online success.  You should constantly be asking yourself if your marketing and web site are connecting with your end user.

The Right Kind of Testing
One problem companies have with testing their marketing or web site is the potential hit to their ego. Companies put a great deal of pride into their work.  In the case of the company web site, it's the company's version of a digital presentation.  Difficulties arise when companies can't separate themselves from their own pride. The company's ego is getting in the way of its' online success. The best kind of testing is accomplished when a company can separate itself from its' ego. Putting the user as your focal point will put more dollars into the bank, guaranteed!

What to Test

When it comes to web site testing the possibilities are nearly endless. There are a few core areas where you should definitely focus your efforts.

Key Areas to Test
  • Headlines
  • Web Site Copy
  • Your Offer
  • Checkout Process
  • Forms

How to Test
One of the easiest ways to test is with an A/B Split Test. You have one version of a web page and test it against a similar version. Some of the differences can included different headlines or body copy.  The bottom line is that you want to test which message or web page better connects with your user.

Test on a Regular Basis
There is no best time frame for testing. My personal recommendation is test your web site on a quarterly basis. The more testing you can do the better.

Usability and Marketing Intersection
The realm of testing is one crucial area where web usability and internet marketing intersect. If you test to ensure your marketing is effective and that your web site is easy to use, it's difficult not to make money online.

The web was built for versatility. It is fairly easy to update and change almost any web site. Use that versatility to your advantage.

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