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The Simplest Search Engine Optimization Technique

One of the most common terms used by companies to describe Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is "black magic." Search engine optimization is a complex art with no guarantee of success.  In all my years of doing search engine optimization projects there is one simple technique that has made the biggest impact for my clients in their search engine listings. Best of all, it's really easy to implement.

The simplest SEO technique is setting your page title properly for each individual page of your web site. Granted it takes a lot more than just a proper title tag to get good search engine placement. I don't want people to think that changing a title tag is ALL they need to do. But in ease of implementation and effectiveness, I believe proper title tags offer the best ROI for your time and money.

You don't need much computer experience to implement this technique. If you have a friend or family member that knows a little about creating web pages ask them for help.

What's the Title Tag?
For those that don't know the title tag is displayed at the top of your browser window. In Internet Explorer and Firefox, the text in the browser's top blue bar is the title tag. Title tags help search engines properly index individual pages. Title Tags are also displayed in the search engine results page as the blue underlined text for each individual search result.

Wrong Title Tags
Most company web sites don't have their page titles set correctly. As an example, I searched how many web pages have their title tags set to "Welcome." Google returned 676,000,000 results.  The issue with the "Welcome" title tag is that it doesn't tell the search engine or user anything more about the page.

Proper Title Tags
Think of title tags in terms of the search phrases or keywords people type into Google when looking for something. Let's consider a user searching for an event as an example. The event is an air show in Rochester, New York. I know from web statistic logs that most people using search engines enter the terms "air show" and the location "Rochester." The home page title tag should reflect those terms, "Rochester Air Show."

Niche Keywords
Find the keywords and phrases most applicable to each individual page on your web site. If you site has been up and running for more than a few months check your log files to see what keywords users are typing in to get to your web site.  The keywords should be related to the content of individual pages. If there is a schedule of events on your air show web site the title tag should read "Schedule Rochester Air Show."

Take some time to research keywords and modify your web site's title tags.  Properly formatted title tags can give you a quick boost in search engine rankings.

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