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Do You Test Your Web Site Often Enough?

Stop Drowning Your Users

Have you ever gone to a new web site and been completely lost upon arrival? If so, take note of that feeling. Too many business web sites have a tendency to overwhelm their users upon arrival.  It’s like getting hit with a fire hose of information. Instead of staying focused on a very specific message that connects with the user, web sites try to cram as much information onto the home page as possible. If you want to be successful online you can’t drown your users in information.

Being Bombarded by Advertising
Consider how much advertising you get bombarded with on a daily basis: billboards, television commercials, radio advertising, junk mail, etc. If your target user sits down to their computer after being bombarded with advertising, what is their frame of mind? They’re probably at their wits end and won’t entertain any more marketing ploys or advertising.

Users Don’t Complain, They Stop Visiting
As a side note, most users don’t take the time to send a web site owner an email indicating their dissatisfaction, users just stop visiting.  There is enough competition and variety that if a user can’t find what they’re looking for on your web site, they’ll probably be able to find it on another web site.  It is imperative to hook any new users that your web site can provide them the information they seek. If you’re getting traffic to your web site and people are taking a desired action, you must honestly ask yourself “why not?”

Give Them One Simple Message That Connects
Successful online web sites typically have one message that is usually contained in a strong headline. The message is specifically targeted at the target audience. Everything contained on page, design, graphics, and text, is there to support the messaging. Take the time to identify what you’re prospects are looking for and then create your marketing message that hooks them in immediately. Copywriters follow this process with any ad they create. The headline leads to the first sentence, the first sentence to the second and so forth.

Some Simple Tips:

  • Keep the message simple and specifically for your target user.
  • Don’t add elements to your web site that will distract your users
    (advertising, distracting multimedia, unnecessary verbiage)
  • Pull at your target user’s heart strings, get them emotionally involved

Remember it’s usually the simplest and most direct message that makes the biggest difference in marketing. Instead of focusing on dozens of ways to get your message across, just focus one very specific high impact message.  In today’s world, less is more.

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