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On Tuesday, Baeth Davis of was good enough to give me some of her time to conduct a phone interview. I would encourage anyone reading this post to give her web site a quick look over before proceeding further, Per her biography, "Beth is a professional palm reader specializing in non-predictive palmistry." Beth was just recently awarded the Glazer-Kennedy 2007-2008 Information Marketer of the Year.  She sells a Hand Analysis home study course on her web site, entitled "How To Read Your Own Hands: 5 Proven Steps To Bring More Health, Love and Money Into Your Life," and provides a variety of coaching and consulting services. During my telephone conversation with Beth, she gave some tremendously helpful advice and insider knowledge on how she's attained a high level of success. The best part is that her success continues to grow. Anyone looking for success on the Internet should read carefully and think about some of the ideas presented as they pertain to their own web site.

Going Beyond the Graphics

Too many businesses get caught up in how a web site looks. Beth does web usability followers proud by emphasizing the delivery of high quality content before graphic design. At the same time she doesn't believe that web sites should be ugly. She actually passed along a great quote regarding web design:

Better to have a basic boring site web site that generates interest and captures traffic than a beautiful web site that strokes your ego. It’s about the depth of the content.  Pictures should be there to add validity to the content.

Baeth Davis
  • Present your users with easy to understand, relevant, and useful content FIRST.

  • Support your content with good design SECOND.

Capture Leads and Build a High Quality List
Beth's web site has several places where she asks her users to sign up for her e-zine. To some businesses the sign up box and pop up might seem a bit overkill, but in truth Beth is doing a very smart thing.  Most people visit your web site never to return. Beth's site is structured for the permission based capture of email addresses. The only people who sign up are those that are interested. Are you doing something to actively capture visitor information?

Many Internet marketers are caught up on the size of their mailing list. Beth's list is comparatively modest in size, but very high in quality. She emphasized her desire to create the highest quality list possible. Most of her list growth has occurred over the course of the last year. Beth sends out an e-zine every two weeks to her subscribers with relevant high quality information. The e-zine helps Beth build relationships with her customers and potential customers.  Always remember that trust and credibility are huge factors for any web site looking to sell a product or sell services.

  • Are you engaging in lead generation on your web site?
  • Do you currently have an e-zine?
  • If not, can you provide useful information to your subscriber base on a regular basis?
  • Provide way more information than sales pitch in your e-zines.
    (95% Info, 5% Sales Pitch) per Joe Vitale.

Be Passionate!
One point that Beth really emphasized was the need to be passionate about your work. If you love what you are doing it helps to drive your business and your success. The only point I might add is don't get discouraged. A number of my friends who have for their own businesses tend to get discouraged far too easily.  Some of the biggest success isn't always found by working hard, but by being persistent with the right things. In many cases the right things are so simple that many people don't consider them important.

  • Stay tenacious about your passions and let it drive your work.
  • Turn your failures into lessons, the more you fail the more you learn.
  • There are only so many times you can fail before you get it right.

Make sure you take the time to consider some of the points presented above and visit Beth's web site.  The advice might seem overly simplistic but it work wonders when implemented. Thanks again to Beth for her time and all the great insight that she provided. Beth's tremendous success was originally brought to my attention by my friend Nancy Roberts of iNsights PPS, so my thanks also goes out Nancy.

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Marjorie Baker Price

Great article and interview, Eugene! Beth emerges as a very compelling women that I would sure love to meet, and the excellent how-to information that emerges through her interview and your expertise is very, very useful and inspiring.

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