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The Most Powerful Form of Online Advertising (Part II)

The Most Powerful Form of Online Advertising (Part I)

Copywriting_event_marketingWhat is the most powerful form of online advertising? The previous question challenges almost every business owner or event organizer with a web site. 

Most Internet marketers would respond with any or all of the following suggestions: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Banner Ads, Video, and plenty more. A compelling argument could be made for any of the items previously listed as being the best form of online advertising. 

Yet there is one fundamental which is the root of almost every form of online advertising, the ability to write compelling copy or copywriting. Copywriting is the distinct discipline of being able to compel people to action through the use of the written word. Copywriting should not be confused with Copyrighting, or protecting one's intellectually property. Whenever you advertise, carefully consider the words you're using. 

The Power of Words
 Copywriting goes beyond just putting words down on a piece of paper or computer screen.  Copy includes headlines, articles, and HTML content. Copy needs to be crafted in such a way that it resonates with a specific niche market compelling them to take some action.  When you align the right words and pull at the reader’s emotions you have the most powerful form of online advertising. In the words of Best Selling author Neil Strauss, "the highest goal of writing is NOT to have good grammar; it's to have meaning and impact!" When you have impact with people online through words, you can move them to action.

Why is Copywriting the most powerful form of advertising? 
Consider what Google accomplished with just the written word.  How many billions in advertising revenue has Google sold through Adwords and Adsense using just words? Copy is inexpensive to produce and extremely versatile.  Text is one of the easiest forms of online content to deliver.  No other form of online content loads as quickly as text.  There isn’t much one can accomplish online without words like “click here, buy now, search, or submit.” Copy also dominates the offline word. Consider how long people waited in line to buy a Harry Potter or Twilight book. When you look behind the cover of these books there are hundreds of pages of well crafted words that keep people fixated like cats to catnip for hours.

The Online Process
One distinct advantage copywriting over other forms of advertising is that it can facilitate every step of your  online and offline sales process.  In order to be successful online web sites need traffic. But traffic enough isn't enough to guarantee you success.  You need visitors to your site who actually care about what you have to offer. After you have the traffic, you need to convert those visitors into leads or buyers. Conversion is the place where most web sites fail miserably. Copy is the key component to getting people to convert online.

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