Fundamentals of Successful Web Sites and Sound
Starting on the Internet, Slowly

Persistence and Online Patience

How many times have you heard the phrase “Patience is a virtue”? That same idiom is applicable to the online world. Unfortunately most of us live in a world that has set its goal expectation levels at “I expect it now!” or “I expected it yesterday.” The same expectations are prevalent in regards to web sites and web strategies. When people or companies don’t see an immediate return on investment from their web site or web strategy they quit. This mentality is probably one of the biggest reasons why web sites fail. The opposite is also true. You shouldn’t wait too long for results or invest time and money into a pipe dream. One of the biggest online disciplines is truly understanding when to move forward with a process and when to wait.

SEO and Patience
Search Engine Optimization is a perfect example of where patience and persistence is so important, yet lacking.  Too many companies look at SEO and expect immediate results. “We’re going to hire you and you’ll get us on top of Google in a few weeks, correct?" That was said by someone after a SEO presentation. You try your best to thoroughly explain the process and expectation levels, but people and companies refuse to listen. They’re too focused on immediate results. Yes there are things you can do to get immediate results online, but SEO isn’t a quick fix. Those companies that listen and take the time to understand the process are usually very successful online.

Six Months of Blogging
Blogging is another classic example of patience and persistence.  Of the group of “Blogeteers” I started Blogging with none of them are still posting. They’ve abandon their pursuits. Online guru Dave Taylor had a great suggestion when it comes to people or companies Blogging “you need to give it at least six months.”  You need to update a few times a week and stay committed to your pursuit.  To which I’ve heard the all too common response “I don’t have the time.”

Your Rate of Return
You can look at your web site like an investment medium. But unlike traditional markets, you have direct control on your rate of return. Some people only get a few percentage points on their return on investment, whereas others get astronomical rates of return. If you make the right decisions and implement the correct strategy you can increase you rate of return and beat almost any other form of investing.  It is important to remember web sites are like investing, value is built over time, not in a few days or weeks.

There is a fine line between patience and knowing when to move forward. I have yet to find a strategy that is definitive in determining when to move and when you should be patience online. It’s far better to smartly wait and see how a situation pans out as opposed to getting impatient, not learning from the experience and quitting. Try to be patient and persistent with everything you do online, but don't drag your feet. You aren’t wasting time if you’re learning a valuable lessons on the way. Reapply those lessons and move forward!

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