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Today’s short post is directed at event marketers who hold events on a regular basis. There are too many times when event organizers stop updating their web site after their event has finished. Even when your event is over it's important to update your web site.

After Your Event is Finished
After your event is over, update your home page.  Write an online thank you addressed to attendees of your event.  Make sure you let them know you appreciate their support.  Also let them know to return to your web site for updates in the future.  People will naturally return to you site seeking information. If you have paid patrons, make sure they get a special thank you. In today's digital age you might want to consider an offline thank you - maybe a postcard.

Clear Out Old or Confusing Information
You need to keep your event web site updated with future event information. As soon as you know something regarding your event or a future event, update your site. If you are not having your event again next year, let people know through your web site. People often come back to your site the following year looking for information. Make sure you don't have old information that might confuse the user. Tag all of your event dates with a specific year - e.g. January 7, 2007. Dates without a year can confuse site visitors into thinking you have an upcoming event . . . even if you don't.

Build Excitement for Your Next Event
Build anticipation for your next event on your current web site. Consider the possibility of using your site to post a photo gallery of images from your event. Photos are a great way of creating lasting memories and generating anticipation for future events.

You can also use your web site to collect feedback on past events or suggestions for future events. Stay focused on the people who make your event possible . . . the patrons.

On the web it can be the small things that make a huge difference.  Keep your event web site up to date and give your users a reason to come back!

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