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Why Invest In Search Engine Optimization?

Aaron Wall of SeoBook.com asks:

"Why should a legitimate business need to worry about SEO?"

Companies that smartly implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as part of their online strategy tend to be very successful online. If you are serious about leveraging your online presence you need to get serious about SEO.  Too many companies miss the boat when it comes to SEO.  It is important to remember that SEO isn’t a single universal solution.  You still need to integrate SEO with a balanced design, copywriting, usability, plus a few marketing strategies on your web site.

Ask any business if they are interested in doing the following with their web site:
  • Do you want to save time?
  • Do you want to reduce cost for your company?
  • Do you want to increase revenue for your company?

Any company or small business owner will answer "YES!" to those questions.  SEO is integral in getting to "YES."

Saving Time for Your Company
A good SEO strategy helps you position your company or service online. This saves you and your business valuable time.  Most companies waste time online and off because they fail to choose the right market.  With a little keyword homework courtesy of SEO you can find the quickest and most effective way of choosing the right online market. 

Saving Your Company Money
Compare and contrast SEO with traditional advertising such as radio, print, and television.  Let's use radio as an example. In radio your target market needs to be listening at the right time, on the right station, and actually pay attention to what you have to offer.  With print, just like radio you are competing against the plethora of other advertising.  Traditional advertising can cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars every month!  A well thought out SEO strategy will assist you in minimizing advertising dollar expenditure.

Increasing Revenue
SEO can increase your revenue by delivering more qualified prospects to your web site. This plays upon the leverage that web sites naturally give you.  Most of the time people don’t show up to a web site accidentally.  SEO helps bring together relevant content and the users who are interested in that content.  When you have their undivided attention it is much easier to sell your products or services. Be sure you utilize strong copywriting to further enhance your offer.

The best part of SEO is that it levels the online playing field.  Smaller companies that are smart and nimble are giving larger corporations a run for their money.  SEO offers you a tremendous return on investment when properly executed.  It opens the door for almost anyone online.  Legitimate businesses can’t afford to miss the opportunity SEO offers.  Starting late in SEO is far better than no SEO.

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you really cannot beat engines for first find clientel. My own advice is learn SEO.. It is worth the time.. And generally once the basics are learnt more advanced web pages and campaigns will always make you a decent income.

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