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The Importance of Organic Search

One of the most difficult web methodologies to sell a company is organic search engine optimization. Some companies we've tried to sell organic SEO services to have labeled it "black magic" and "a waste of time."

Organic Search ExampleMost companies don't want to produce high quality content for their web sites.  The infamous "we don't have time for that" line always comes up. Many companies also refuse to accept that a well thought out organic search campaign can take six to twelve months before appreciable results can measured. Their mind set is "I want it done yesterday." I appreciate any company's desire to have quick results.  But don't forget that value is built over time, especially online.

The clients who have embraced organic SEO have done very well for themselves.  The best part is that most haven't even realized their full potential. Companies that successfully implement organic SEO get higher quality traffic and keep advertising costs down.

Why does a company need to integrate organic search?
Google_heatmap Organic search offers a tremendous return on investment.  According to Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins organic search gets 250% more clicks than PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement.  People and search engines place significantly more weight on organic listings. Organic listings have more credibility because you have to earn a top spot.  You cannot buy your way to the top like PPC listings.

The example to the right gives an excellent indication of how people view SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).  The areas highlighted in red get the most attention.  Notice that people focus on the top organic listings and pay little attention to the PPC ads.

SEO is NOT a "fire and forget" tactic.  You need to constantly tweak your approach.  There are no easy paths.  Organic SEO also needs to be combined with great web strategy, strong design, smart marketing, and usability.  Those companies that can combine all those features do very well online.  You need to give organic SEO serious consideration if you want to be successful online.

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