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Why Create High Quality Content?

In a previous article I explored Jakob Nielsen's HOME RUN acronym. In this article we'll look more closely at the High Quality Content portion of HOME RUN.  Two very important things to consider regarding content is how the content relates to the user and how content is viewed by search engines.

The biggest reason to create high quality content is for your users.  Ask yourself this question: "How often would you revisit a web site that is never updated or has nothing that is interesting to you?" I'm guessing never. Always think in terms of the user experience and what you can offer.   

he most popular web sites give users exactly what they want in terms of content.
Those same sites keep users coming back by offering high quality content on a regular basis.  You need to do the same with your web site.  Most of your content should take the form of HTML text. Write specifically for your audience, NOT for your own ego.

"Why should I concentrate on providing high quality (HTML text based) content on my site?" 
Aside from the user, a huge reason to create high quality content is for Search Engine Optimization purposes.  Search Engines crave HTML text and are always on the prowl for content. As long as your pages are properly formatted and tagged, you'll have a much better chance of getting indexed in search engines.  Properly indexed pages can automatically bring traffic to your site.

I look at my personal challenges of trying to convince graphic design firms and agencies to create web sites with a decent amount of HTML text.  One firm that I consult for does great visual work with the web sites they create.  Unfortunately, the search engine bots that visit web sites are indifferent to how nice a web site looks visually. The firm's web sites look visually spectacular, but the over emphasis on design creates a liability to their client's search engine optimization goals. Search engine bots look for HTML content.

Most companies refuse to create high quality online content.  When it comes to firms that maintain their own web site, few of them "get it."  They'll tell me how they don't have time to create content or that they don't think it's important for their web site. The worst part is that content can be generated internally for little or no cost.  It only takes time and the benefits are massive. This is one of the primary reasons companies don't do well online.

Don't make the same mistakes as everyone else.  Make sure you keep serving up high quality HTML content. The content needs to be relevant to your users.  Pay particular attention to specific target markets.  Write for your target audience and use their language to communicate with them. If you can follow the suggestions above on a regular basis your web site will soar.

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