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Is Your Text the Right Color?

Everyone should know some fundamentals about online copywriting.  It is a very vast topic area. For today, I'll concentrate on one particular aspect: text color.  There are a plethora of web sites that aren't sticking to basic online text standards:  specifically, text color in relation to background color.

Online Reading Issues
Remember that you put significantly more strain on human eyes when reading text off a computer screen.  Unlike a book, our eye must interpret light coming from the screen. Because of this, you need to keep your text as easy to read as possible.  One of the easiest ways to ensure better readability of your site is by choosing the right text and background colors. Seems logical, right? It's amazing how often people deviate from logic!

Watch Out for RED on Dark Backgrounds
If you are using text on a light colored background, make sure that text has enough contrast.  Use dark text on a light colored background.  The same applies for dark colors.  If you have a dark colored image or web site use light colored text. The more contrast between colors, the easier it is to read.

Red_text_dark_background_2 One particular color to watch out for is red.  My understanding is the color red is difficult for the human eye to detect because of the particular spectrum of light.  (Consider the example to the right.)

Make sure you don't use red colored fonts on dark backgrounds.  Recently we had a client insist on red fonts on a dark background.  (The client's always, right ... right?) In my professional opinion, the client made a poor decision to use red text and it not only dilutes the quality of their site, but it makes it nearly impossible to read.

Always mind your text color. This applies to both online and traditional advertising. Make sure you provide your reader with text that minimizes eye strain and maximizes readability.

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Choosing right font color for text and different color for background can make a huge difference in loyal readership count. I myself didn't realize this and only started appreciating this recently.

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