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Words & Your Event Promotion

Words mean everything in your event promotion.  It doesn’t matter if you’re advertising your event online or off.  When it comes to naming things associated with your event or promotions, take a little time to think of ways to build intrigue with words. Below I’ve included a quick tip on how to transform a lame event title into an exciting event title.

Starting with a Lame Title
Earlier in the year I gave a series of talks on what it’s like to be part of a formation aerobatic team.  The sponsoring organization took care of most of the promotion and advertising.  The first time I delivered my talk it was advertised with a very plain title “Inside Air Shows.” To be honest the title was weak at best. It was the best I could think of at that moment.  Looking back I should of spent some more time thinking of a better title. If you’re advertising a great event, hype it up.  But you need to make sure the value your event delivers matches the level hype in your promotions and advertising. If you have a great event, you owe it yourself and your prospect to hype it as much as possible. Check out “Barnum & Hyping Up Your Event” for more information. The truth is that most events have lame titles.

Choosing an Event Title
Here is what I did to get to my most recent title of “The Heart Pounding Excitement of Flight.” First, I spent a few minutes thinking of various exciting titles to use. After I had a few ideas to choose from, I narrowed the various ideas down to four choices.  The narrowed down choices went onto a Word document and the document printed out. On that particular day I was visiting a coaching client and I brought the sheet with various titles with me.  During lunch I asked a bunch of people to look over the titles and pick the one that would get them to show up.  A significant majority of people choose “The Heart Pounding Excitement of Flight.” I let the people most representative of my target prospect decide on a title. 

You need to spend some time coming up with a great name for your event.
Feel free to use the idea above to brainstorm various names for your event. Could I have done better than, “The Heart Pounding Excitement of Flight” for a title? My answer is yes, absolutely! But for the fifteen minutes of time it took to come up with a better title than “Insider Air Shows,” I’m not going to complain. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

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