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Outdoor Event Advertising and Marketing

Before you consider purchasing any publically displayed advertising, stop and give some thought to how your advertising will fit into its’ surroundings. Ask yourself, "What will people think?" This mindset is especially applicable to billboards, banners, and any outdoor signage.

A Banner Example
The catalyst for this post was some advertising I saw for a local event.  The event organizer had probably spent thousands of dollars on a series of really nice looking banners to promote their event.  The banners were displayed in the last place anyone would look. The production value was great, but the placement was bad. 

Where is the billboard?

An outdoor billboard is an ideal example. If someone from your target market is driving down the road does your billboard get their attention?  Is there too much information on your advertising for someone to remember?  Is there other advertising in the surrounding area competing for their attention? Think about all the things someone might be doing while they’re in their car . . . trying to dodge traffic, talking on their cell phone, or changing radio stations.  Someone once asked me to recall information off any of the billboards I’d seen during my morning commute. I couldn’t really remember any details.

Additional Resource:

You might not have 100% control over where your advertising runs. And it might not be practical to look at every single individual piece of public advertising space. But, in instances where you do have some influence, visualize how your target market might take in your advertising. Think to yourself, "If I'm the consumer is that advertising going to catch and momentarily keep my attention?" This simple process might save you from wasting significant sums of money on advertising that goes unnoticed.

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